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Vendors we love!

Sunflower Weddings LLC loves working with vendors - familiar and new! Looking for some inspiration or suggestions on vendors that we know and love? Check out the list below!

What is a bridal party emergency kit?

On the day of your wedding, we are prepared for any emergency to arise. Did you know clear nail polish can be used as a quick fix to stop tights from running and white chalk can be a quick coverup for wedding dress smudges or marks? Below are items that we bring to each wedding in case of emergency*: 

- Medical: First Aid Kit, Aleve, Asprin, Tums

- Freshness: Dental floss sticks, eye drops, deodorant, pads, tampons, mints, breath tabs, Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton swabs, toilet spray, wet wipes, tissues, tweezers, disposable razors, nail clippers, hand sanitizer

- Hair: Bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, hairspray, brush, comb

- Beauty: Clear nail polish, chapstick, nail file, blotting paper, mini manicure kit

- Attire Management: Safety pins, small scissors, mini sewing kit, fashion tape, white chalk (hide dress smudges), black chalk (hide suit smudges),  stain remover stick, lint roller, corsage pins

- Decoration adjustments**: Paperclips, post-it notes, super glue, scotch tape, packing tape, painter's tape, masking tape, chalk marker, zip ties, batteries, thumb-tacks, poster putty, lighters 

- Technology: Mobile phone charger

* Personal hygiene items, such as deodorant and chapstick, are discarded after one use.

**These are emergency/backup items and should not be used as a primary resource for decor install. 

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