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Month & Day of Coordination

Questionnaire & Communication

When you book with Sunflower Wedding Coordination, you'll get access to a wedding day questionnaire that details all things about your special day - ranging from your decor, to song choices, to how you'd like to be announced during your reception. This questionnaire is helpful while you plan to help capture each detail, but also helps Sunflower Wedding Coordination understand each and every aspect of your special day. 6 weeks prior to your wedding, we will review your wedding details and your questionnaire. We will have unlimited email and text communication. 

Final Venue Walk-Through

Between 6 weeks and 30 days prior to your wedding, we will meet at your venue to complete a final walk-through. Typically, your caterer and venue manager are invited to this meeting. This walkthrough takes about 1 to 2 hours.  After the meeting, Sunflower Wedding Coordination will begin crafting a day-of timeline with all details of your wedding. 

Timeline & Floorplan Creation

About 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding, we will work to finalize your timeline and floor plans for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Once approved by you, timelines and floorplans will be shared with all your vendors so everyone knows exactly what to expect. The average timeline is 14-18 pages because we want to ensure it captures all details of your special day!

Final Vendor Confirmation

At least 2 weeks prior to your wedding, Sunflower Wedding Coordination will contact all vendors to confirm day-of details and coordinate any other needs. Sunflower Wedding Coordination will also serve as the main point of contact during your 6-week period to allow you to relax! 

Rehearsal Coordination

Sunflower Wedding Coordination will attend 1 hour of your rehearsal to coordinate the ceremony and reception details.


Your big day is here! Sunflower Wedding Coordination will be on-site for 10 hours* in order to: 

  • Lead set-up and break-down of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception decoration

  • Serve as a point-person for all vendors to ensure all follow the timeline and floorplan as planned

  • Coordinate all timeline events including: 

    • Ceremony: Assist guests or instruct ushers, confirm ring and wedding license, cue the wedding party and music during the processional and recessional (and, of course, make sure the bride's dress looks perfect before beginning the walk!)

    • Reception: Ensure guests are able to find seats, coordinate wedding party lineup for reception entrance, maintain agenda, and cue special events such as buffet serving, toasts, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, games, event exit (did someone say sparklers?!)

  • Professionally interact with guests and direct the transition from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception

  • Handle all reasonable requests from the wedding party

  • Provide a bridal party emergency kit (see details below)

  • Always provide the couple special VIP treatment (no need to wait in line for your drinks!)

  • Professionally handle any wedding day "hiccups" or emergencies that occur

  • Deliver final payments and tips to all vendors

  • Assistants available for weddings over 150 guests, or upon request

 Additional time and meetings can be added additional cost

What is a bridal party emergency kit?

On the day of your wedding, we are prepared for any emergency to arise. Did you know clear nail polish can be used as a quick fix to stop tights from running and white chalk can be a quick coverup for wedding dress smudges or marks? Below are items that we bring to each wedding in case of emergency*: 

- Medical: First Aid Kit, Aleve, Asprin, Tums, Pepto, Gloves, After Bite, Bug Spray

- Freshness: Dental floss sticks, eye drops, deodorant, pads, tampons, mints, breath tabs, Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton swabs, toilet spray, wet wipes, tissues, tweezers, disposable razors, nail clippers, hand sanitizer

- Hair: Bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, hairspray, brush, comb

- Beauty: Clear nail polish, chapstick, nail file, blotting paper, mini manicure kit,  lash glue (holds necklaces in place), nail glue

- Attire Management: Safety pins, mini sewing kit, fashion tape, white chalk (hide dress smudges), black chalk (hide suit smudges),  stain remover stick, wrinkle release spray, lint roller, corsage pins, black socks

- Decoration adjustments**: Scissors, clothespins, paperclips, post-it notes, super glue, scotch tape, packing tape, painter's tape,  fishing line, masking tape, chalk marker, pens, Sharpies, zip ties, batteries, thumb-tacks, poster putty, lighters, surge protector, steamer, easel, table numbers, reserved signs. 

- Technology: Mobile phone charger

* Personal hygiene items, such as deodorant and chapstick, are discarded after one use.

**These are emergency/backup items and should not be used as a primary resource for decor. 

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